Quixell - b2b lead generation

How Quixell helps generate qualified B2B leads

Smart Inbound

Leverage the power of content and turn your website into a sales tool. Establish expertise and win trust leading to a sales conversation.

# Create amazing content and landing pages

# Promote content, capture leads

# Reactivate dormant leads through automated nurturing

Quixell inbound marketing
Quixell Outbound marketing

Targeted Outbound

Turn cold contacts into warm prospects. Use digital outreach and warm up your target before a sales call. Bid goodbye to ʻspray and prayʼ methods.

# Discover contact details of prospects

# Engage through social channels

# Activate account based marketing

The Approach


  • Define buyer personas
  • Conduct social research
  • Identify contact details

To create a target database


  • Optimise website for search
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media out reach

to drive traffic to website


  • Engage with content
  • Create landing pages
  • Design lead capture methods

To get quality leads


  • Run nurture campaigns
  • Track engagement
  • Leverage automation

to prioritise for inside sales


Support sales through

  • Social intelligence
  • Web analytics
  • And case study content

to help sales closure

Quixell Advantage

Quixell advantage - technology savy

Technology savvy

Ensures impactful communication with your prospects

Quixell advantage - agile process

Agile Process

So you have synergy between inbound, outbound and sales teams

Quixell Advantage - KPI driven

KPI Driven

You get clarity on progress from day one

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